We create effective and useful web applications. The greatest applications are those that appear straightforward but can operate at different depths without affecting the system's overall latency. These types of design and development are our areas of expertise.

a. Multi restaurant - Food delivery system

A highly feature-rich Multi-Vendor system is offered by Softhshala Nepal Pvt. Ltd., allowing sellers to operate their stores online. In the digital age, an application usually acts as the main door that clients will use to enter your company or organization. Our goal is to provide you with a credible web presence that will generally improve the branding and image of your business and help move leads through the sales process.

b. Multi-Vendor and Single Vendor Ecommerce Website

Based on client needs, Softshala Nepal develops e-commerce websites with secure payment gateway integration choices. When creating e-commerce websites, we offer both web service and mobile app service.
Additionally, we employ SEO strategies to rank e-commerce websites. The website's performance optimization is something we take extremely seriously. In a similar vein, we also look after the website's payment integration and other security measures. so that the transaction can be protected and money can be securely sent over the internet.

Softshala Nepal specializes in designing iOS and Android apps as well as developing e-commerce websites. so that your mobile apps can reach the greatest possible amount of loyal customers. According to your needs, you can order any form of an e-commerce website.

Softshala Nepal develops other websites such as Online Job Portal Website, Online News Portal Website, Dental Landing Pages, and many more.