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One of the best NEPSE stock portfolio management apps where you can get all the information about the Nepali share market. You can add unlimited portfolios, stock alerts, watchlists and many more. With our advanced notification system never miss an important update. You can now check all of your IPO results at once. You will find Share Hub as one of the best applications in the Nepali share market. We provide real-time NEPSE alerts and notifications about upcoming IPOs and FPOs.

Features we provide:
1. Free Portfolio Management: Effortlessly manage your stock portfolios and track your investments in real time.
2. Multiple Watchlists: Stay organized by creating multiple watchlists to monitor your favorite stocks and sectors.
3. Real-time NEPSE Updates: Receive instant updates on NEPSE stock prices, indices, and market movements.
4. Advanced Floorsheet Analysis: Dive deep into market activity with comprehensive analysis tools for floorsheet data.
5. Historic Broker Analysis: Gain insights into past broker performance to inform your trading decisions.
6. Bulk IPO Result Checker: Easily check the results of multiple IPOs at once, saving you time and effort.
7. Live Market Depth: Access real-time market depth information to gauge buying and selling interest for specific stocks.
8. Real-time Stock Alerts: Stay informed with personalized alerts for price movements, news, and more.
9. Daily Top Losers/Gainers: Quickly identify the day's top-performing and underperforming stocks.
10. Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Top Losers/Gainers: Track stock performance over different timeframes to spot trends.
11. Share Market and Economy-related News: Stay updated with the latest news and insights from multiple sources.
12. Proposed Dividends: Stay informed about upcoming dividend payouts from listed companies.
13. Upcoming IPO/FPO Alerts: Receive notifications about upcoming initial and further public offerings.
14. IPO Pipeline: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into upcoming IPOs in the market.
15. Fundamental/Technical Analysis: Access comprehensive analysis tools for both fundamental and technical stock analysis.
16. Historic Dividends: Review past dividend payouts to assess a company's dividend history.
17. Financial Reports: Access company financial reports and statements for informed investment decisions.
18. Company Announcements: Stay informed about important announcements and disclosures from listed companies.
19. Stock Comparison: Easily compare the performance and fundamentals of different stocks.
20. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Top Brokers: Track the activity of top brokerage firms in the market.
21. Share Market Education: Expand your knowledge with educational resources and insights into share market dynamics.
22. Forex Rates: Stay updated with real-time foreign exchange rates.
23. Gold/Silver Rates: Monitor the prices of precious metals to inform your investment decisions.
24. Global Market Indices: Access global market indices data to stay informed about international market trends.
25. Stockwise Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis of individual stocks, including financial metrics, historical performance, and more.
26. Promoter Share Unlock: Stay informed about upcoming unlock dates for promoter shares.
27. Mutual Fund Unlock Date: Track the unlock dates for mutual funds to anticipate market movements.
28. Advanced Charting: Utilize advanced charting tools to visualize stock price movements and identify patterns.

About NEPSE:
Established in 1993, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has been the cornerstone of Nepal's capital market. NEPSE provides a platform for trading stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, fostering investment and economic growth in Nepal.

Investors can participate in the stock market through licensed brokerage firms that facilitate trading on NEPSE. With Sharehub, you can access NEPSE's latest market data, news, and analysis at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.